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stationery design

Stationery design you could hang on a wall

In today’s competitive world, quality stationery design matters.  By the time someone has opened your letter they have already formed 90% of their opinion about you.  So ask yourself, do you want to be seen as an established and trustworthy market leader or something less than that?

At Core Dais we believe that there are not many things in life greater than the joys of stationery!

Maybe we’re different but we’re sure some will agree that from the crisp heft of a freshly opened ream of paper, to that first impression you get from seeing a client’s newly branded letterhead, fewer elements in an organisation’s marketing mix can be as endearing or as tactile as well designed business stationery.

With many years’ experience across a wide range of sectors, from charitable and educational to corporate and start-ups, our designers are well versed in the art of stationery design and look forward to each and every project that comes on board. You can see examples of previous work in our stationery design portfolio.

We will work closely with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with every element of your business stationery from letterheads and envelopes to notepads and compliments slips. Whatever your requirement we take a personal interest in ensuring that nothing leaves the design studio unless it’s 100% perfect.

Where some people merely see the word stationery, we see an essential element in an organisation’s marketing architecture.

Interested? Contact a member of our design team on 0203 551 8828 to discuss your stationery design requirements, or send an enquiry through our contact form.

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