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reports and documentation design

Report and Documentation Design

Every company needs reporting and documentation, whether it be internal or external. To keep your documents professional, we design tailored templates to suit your business and your readers.

At Core Dais we feel it is vitally important to work with and understand the data you want in your reports and/or documents. By gaining a good understanding, we can help structure the documents in a way which is easily navigable.

Reports and long documents can be hard to take in and digest, so we like to give a visual representation of information where applicable, making it easy to read.

If you’re looking for your reports to be a bit more exciting than figures on a page, we can also create infographics, a purely visual representation of information that follows an easy-to-digest narrative.

To find out more contact us on 020 3551 8828 or check out examples of our previous work in our reports and documentation portfolio.

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