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menu design

Menu Design

Good menu design is key to getting your customer’s taste buds tingling. A menu is your extra salesperson when it comes to food and/or drink. It should look sharp, snazzy and reflect the style and vibe of your bar or restaurant.

But it’s not just all about what looks good. Menu design is also all about the psychology of your customers. With a well designed menu, you can encourage a particular meal and avoid people ordering by the meal’s cost.

At Core Dais we use behavioural economies to give your customers a slight nudge into ordering what you want them to.

Did you know that eyes are naturally drawn to boxes? Therefore your customers are more likely to order something that is framed. Knowing this, we recommend reserving them for profitable items that you want to promote.

Did you know that people are more likely to compare prices if they are neatly right-aligned? Scattered prices encourage your customer to pick what they want to eat rather than the cheapest meal or drink.

We have many years’ experience in designing menus and will work closely with you to get the design that is best for you and your business.

Check out examples of our previous work in our menu designs portfolio.

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