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Business Card Design

You never know when you’ll need a business card.

Business meetings, a birthday celebration, the cinema, even enjoying a drink at your local bar, you never know when you might meet a prospect. Gone are the days when scribbling your number down on a piece of paper was acceptable. You also don’t want to be just another name without context in someone’s phone.

Step forward the humble business card, one of the few marketing tools that you can hand to someone personally, and an important tool in promoting your brand.

Business cards are an important reflection of you and your business, showing that you are both professional and organised. They are a real reminder of an encounter. They are an expression of your company’s identity. They provide legitimacy to your business. They are the fastest way of giving someone your information. Lastly, they are your least expensive marketing tool.

A business card’s main function is to give somebody your contact information, but it also gives an impression of your brand. At Core Dais, we design business cards that communicate who you are and what you do effectively to your target market.

Business cards, or ‘trade cards’ have been around since the 1700s and have been constantly evolving. We have many years’ experience in designing business cards and work closely with you to get you the design you want.

Check out examples of previous designs in our business card portfolio.

To discuss your business card design requirements give us a call on 0203 551 8828, or get in touch through our contact form.

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