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Rebranding Britain

September 16th, 2014

With the vote for Scottish independence coming up on Thursday, many people are wondering how the ‘yes’ vote could affect the rest of Britain. Speculation is rife about the effect that an independent Scotland would have on Britain’s defense capabilities, politics, bills, health care, sport and lastly UK status.

But what about Britain’s brand? And in particular our flag? When people think of Britain, the Union Jack is one of the first images that comes to mind. The signature red, white and blue is respected across countries worldwide. But without Scotland, the iconic flag would have no choice but to undergo its first change since 1801.  Below are some possibilities for the future flag of Britain without the St Andrew’s segment.

1. Goodbye Scotland.

proposed UK flag without cross of St Andrew

Originally an April Fool’s prank, this flag could become reality. It’s a simple idea of just banishing the blue, leaving the Scottish third of the flag missing. But what does this say for a ‘united’ kingdom? This design does not represent Wales, and although the current union flag also doesn’t represent Wales, its absence is more noticeable when the cross of St Andrew is removed.

2. Hello Wales.

Proposed UK flag with green background

Giving Wales credit, this flag’s simple change from blue to green makes sure that all countries within the United Kingdom are recognised.

3. Hello World.

Proposed UK Flag representing commonwealth, Europe and relationship with U.S.A.

This design might be a little ‘out there’ but Kieron George believes the above flag would ‘encompass all Brits’ despite Wales still being missing. It does however embrace a number of commonwealth countries, and shows Britain’s ‘special relationship’ with the US via the stars and stripes while proudly showing we’re part of the EU by the circle of stars.

4. Coat of Arms.

Proposed UK Flag with coat of arms and cross of St David.

This final flag focuses on the British Royal Coat of Arms and does include Wales by replacing the blue background with black, the base colour of the Welsh flag of St David. We think the designers have made a mistake though, as the coat of arms still represents Scotland via the inclusion of the lion rampant of the Scottish coat of arms.

What do you think? Would any of these images grow to be as legendary as the traditional red, white and blue? Would they be as widely recognised? And what would it take to build back the bold image of a ‘united’ kingdom with one country down?

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