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New Pulsing Logo From Sonos

January 26th, 2015

High-end speaker manufacturer Sonos has unveiled their new logo which pulsates and comes to life when a user scrolls up or down on web pages. This is thanks to a clever optical illusion called the Moire effect that resembles the booming sound waves that emanate from their speakers.

Core Dais Sonos Logo

Their design team explain “This new iteration of the Sonos logo visual identity advances the idea of the modern music experience – not singular or monolithic but a rich diversity of expressions.”


Might this new design idea pave the way for a new bread of logos that will take adverting of the digital space?


There are a number of clever logos that we see on a daily basis, many of which you may never have even realised were clever, like the white arrow in the FedEx logo…


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