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As the Homebase brand is set to disappear, we welcome Bunnings to the UK

January 23rd, 2016
Homebase rebrands to Bunnings

Homebase rebrands to Bunnings

Our DIY projects are set to get a make over and our weekend visits to Homebase are inheriting a new brand from their new Australian owners Bunnings.

An institution in Australia, bunnings will replace the branding in £340 million take over to help the failing business take on the market leader B&Q.

So why does a rebrand matter? It gives the new owners the chance to keep what messaging and experiences work well for he UK and an opportunity to research and develop a new strategy to form the new brand on, as a market leader in Australia they can leverage that customer engagement to encourage customers to pick their brand.

“The Bunnings team has done a lot of work to make sure it understands the market and the opportunity, including having visited hundreds of stores, spending significant time researching the market and closely studying international retail expansions into the UK and other markets.”

Bunnings has a great approach of using staff in their adverts and is know for their “sausage sizzles” out front to encourage community groups and local customers to set up stools and sell food to customers.

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